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Geekly Computers is the best choice for computer repair in Bendigo and Surrounding Areas. Our team of highly skilled technicians will be able to fix your computer or laptop, same day.



We know Apple MacBooks and iMacs like the back of our hand. That's why we're the best choice for MacBook and iMac repairs in Bendigo. We only use the highest quality parts and can ensure fast and effective turnaround.
  • Screen Replacements
  • Damaged Charging Ports
  • Storage Upgrades
  • Data Recovery
  • Bootcamp Setup


We understand that your laptop is an essential part of your daily life. Whether you use it for work, school, or just to stay connected with friends and family, you can't afford to be without it for long.
  • Screen Replacements
  • Damaged Charging Ports
  • Storage Upgrades
  • Data Recovery
  • Virus & Malware Protection

Mail-in Repairs

We're able to repair laptops from all over Australia. Simply get in touch and mail us your laptop and we'll get to work on it right away.
  • Mail us your laptop
  • Track the entire process
  • Easy to follow repair schedule
  • Optional packaging provided
  • Industry leading repair times

The Team.

Michael Lancaster


Angus Smith

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Daniel Houston

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Geekly Computers are committed to customer satisfaction with over 250+ 5 star reviews to back it up. We also offer services such as data recovery, virus removal, and system optimization. We are located in Bendigo, Australia and offer mail in repairs Australia wide. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect computer for your needs. Thank you for choosing Geekly Computers!


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Same day local repairs.

Get instant help from the Geekly crew at our local store front located at 71 Mitchell Street, Bendigo.

Mail in repair services

No local technicians in your area? Reach out to our team by using our online booking form.. then we'll be in touch.
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Our Most Popular Services

Service Title
Service Description
Applicable Devices
Battery Replacements
We can source and replace 99% of batteries for devices that walk through our doors. We have supply partners in Melbourne that can get us fast delivery at competitive prices.
Boot Issues
If your having boot issues it can be 1 of 100 things, let us filter through our checklist to troubleshoot your boot issues and find a solution.
Broken Screens
We can replace laptop screens incredibly quickly when stock is ready to go with our Melbourne supply partners.
Chassis Replacements
If you've dropped and cracked the main chassis of your laptop we can organize a transplant of your internal hardware into a shiny new body.
Data Migration
Need your files transferred to a new system? We can move your precious data from point A to point B.
Data Recovery
Is your hard drive unresponsive or your files are missing? We can run an industry leading data recovery software on your drive to recover any lost files. If this software based recovery is unsuccessful, we can advise further steps.
General Software Issues
Sometimes the thing you rely on most can just stop working, let us work out the issues your facing and get your system back to you in record time.
Hinge Replacements
Hinges connect the screen to your laptop's body and sometimes over years of use the metal slowly bends and causes the brackets to break. We can swap your hinges out for new better quality alternitives.
Internet Security Install
Are you still paying $100 a year for 1 device? You may be on an outdated plan that isn't aligned with todays market value. We can re-assess your internet security needs and install our chosen software if needed.
Laptop Chargers
Need a new charger for your laptop? We can find and source a new charger within a few days and have your laptop back in action ASAP.
Microsoft Office Setup
Need a hand getting your laptop installed with the latest version of Microsoft Office? We can sit down with you and organize an Office 365 subscription and install it on the spot.
Overall General Service/Clean
We love cleaning dusty PCs and Laptops. We'll air compress any stubborn dust and have your device's showroom shine back.
SSD Upgrades
Slow Laptop or PC? You probably have an older, slower storage device in your system. We can clone your slow mechanical drive to a faster more effective Solid State Drive to have your computer faster than new.

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