Learn how to build your own PC with Geekly.

Every Saturday we take bookings for one on one tutoring in the art of custom computer building. At first we'll compile a list of parts to ensure part compatibility. When your parts arrive, come in for a 2-3 hour session that will walk you through the entire process from hardware installation to installing windows for the very first time. We'll even walk you through any questions you may have relating to best practices and safety.

A List

When you book your workshop you still need to compile and source a list of parts. Our team will walk you through creating a compatible and worthy list of parts for your PC build.


We'll find the best prices and source the parts direct from wholesaler and have them delivereded directly to our shop ready to assemble.

Parts Arrive

When your parts have all arrived in store we'll give you a call and organise the best time for you to come in and build your new computer with one of our professional technicians.

Start Building

Let's start building your own PC. You'll get a Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits to help you assemble your new rig and help in the future with any upgrades. The build process takes 2-3 hours on average. We truly walk you through all aspects of building with some industry tricks sprinkled in for added value.

Enjoy Your PC

Congrats! GG! You now have a computer that you've built and understand the inner workings of. If any issues arise in the future your now covered by a 2 year builders warranty exclusive to workshop attendees.


What to expect.

Compatibility Knowledge

When creating a parts list we'll take in to account the different 'chip sets' and how to understand the difference from Intel and AMD.

Hands On

We give our learners the option to be fully hands on or an assistant in the building process. We'll show you all the tips and tricks we've learnt in our time building.

After Service

Each Geekly custom built PC comes with a 1 year builders warranty just incase something goes wrong in the assembly.

Clean Builds

We're known for our incredibly tidy computer builds. Learn the tricks that we use first hand when building our custom computers inhouse.