Charging Port Repair

Charging ports come in all shapes and sizes and also vary in reparability. Some chargers like a standard Lenovo rectangle charger can be easily replaced but some require soldering to attach elements to the motherboard.


My charger works but intermittently disconnects, what can you do?
We generally find this issue is the charger and not the port. The tip can begin to wear and tear and might need replacing. We can order laptop chargers with next day delivery from our supplier in Melbourne.

Laptop Fan Replacement

Loud fan in your laptop? We can arrange a replacement of your fan to make your device silent like it's manufacturer intended.

2 - 5 Business Days


How do you judge if a fan needs to be replaced?
Fans generally only need to be replaced if the unit ceases to function or is making unbearable noise. Noise is usually related to the fan being off balance and where that cant be resolved with re balancing it's usually the best option to replace the fan.
What if my fan isn't spinning?
The fan needs to be replaced because the unit has probably burnt out and cant be manually repaired. We will always check system settings to identify a dead hardware issue.

Laptop Hinge Repairs

Broken hinges are usually the biproduct of a dropped laptop or loose screws. We can analyze the connections and recommend the most effective repair before moving forward.

2 - 5 Business Days


SSD Upgades

A Solid State Drive is the newest generation of storage and a lightning fast replacement for an old mechanical hard drive. Rejuvenate your laptop or computer by upgrading this single part to give it new life.


How much faster does this upgrade make my computer?
Upgrading your storage device to an SSD can boost speeds up to 20 times, depending on the technology applicable to your device.
Is my data safe during the transfer process?
We make sure your data is safe before cloning your hard drive to an SSD by manually backing up your data to an external device before we begin.

Virus Removal

Malware and viruses are more common than ever and hackers are constantly on the hunt for easy prey. We can scan and remove 99.9% of viruses from your system before they cause harm and suggest best practices to stop any thing from happening in the future.


I think I have a virus how do I make sure?
Bring the device in ASAP so we can access the issue in person and offline.
How long does a virus removal take?
This is based on a factor of how much storage you have used on your computer and how many nooks they may have nestled themselves into.
My hard drive has been encrypted what can I do?
Bring in the device so we can access further in person by removing and analyzing the hard disk storage device.

Emails & Domain Configuration

Starting a business or side hustle and need to look professional? Get a proper domain attached to a personalized email address to build your empire upon.


I already have a domain can you help me setup my emails?
Yes, we strongly suggest transferring your domain to either Google domains or GoDaddy for easier setup and overall usability.
Do you make websites?
Yes, we have the skills to make similar websites are you are on now. Reach out for a quote.
Can you connect my emails to a new laptop?
Yes we can, just bring in as much information as you can related to IMAP settings for configuration.

Data Backup & Recovery

Backing up your data is easier than ever in 2021. We offer both physical and cloud backups utilizing our super fast internet connection in the shop. We can walk you through the best cloud options on the market and match you with a provider that fits your needs for the least money.

Dependent on size


How long does it take to back my data up to the cloud?
Generally we will run all back ups over night as larger transfers can take up to 12 hours to fully complete.
What do i need to physically back up my data?
We offer external hard drives that we can use for storage but if your running a business we recommend investing is a NAS system so we can mirror your data onto 2 drives incase one fails.

Hardware Upgrades

Both computer towers and laptops can favor from an upgrade whether it be memory or storage. We order parts through out wholesale partners to upgrade your systems as soon as the parts arrive.


Do you require upfront payment for hardware purchases?
Yes, we take payment and only order parts from our suppliers when payment is received in full.
What is the most common upgrade done on a laptop?
The most common upgrade is one that we strongly suggest and that is an upgrade to an SSD (Solid state drive) which can reduce load times by up to 10 times.

Remote Support

Having issues with an annoying bug or simple problems that we might be able to fix remotely? We can remote into your :PC to fix any software issues that are holding you up. This service requires a stable internet connection.


You fixed my issue in 5 minutes do I still need to pay $35?
Yes. We have a minimum charge of $35 for any remote access services.
How do I download the software for you to remotely access my computer?
We choose to use Team Viewer for any remote services. You can download their program by visiting and clicking download at the top of the page. We will require the ID and Password to access your computer.
I'm having internet issues is that something you can remotely assist with?
Unfortunately the remote service we provide requires a stable internet connection to allow us to communicate with your computer to solve any issues. We are more than happy to recommend a local onsite technician to visit you at your location and fix your internet issues.

Windows Errors & Troubleshooting

Are you constantly greeted by windows repair errors and blue screens? Is your WIFI not working all of a sudden or you have no volume? Your windows may be running into errors caused by recent windows updates that didn't install correctly. We'll trouble shoot these issue within 24 hours and have the device back in your hands ASAP.


Have I lost my data as the result of a windows update error?
Don't stress, your data is safe. Think of the blue screen as a closed front door that you generally use, we take the back door to recover any data on your device before any resetting of software.
Should i upgrade my Hard drive while your fixing it anyway?
Yes. If you have an old mechanical drive in your laptop or computer, you would benefit greatly by upgrading to a Solid State Drive which is a faster, newer alternative for storage.

Laptop Battery Replacement

Batteries for laptops come in all shapes and sizes. All we require when you contact our team either online or via the phone is the model number of the laptop. We can organize an accurate quote within minutes of your call and organize the order completely remotely. Some batteries (<5%) require in person inspection to gather specific details of the battery before ordering.


My laptop wont boot is my battery dead?
Laptops that don't boot sometimes need some physical troubleshooting to release any static build up that may be in the device. You can static reset the system by removing the battery and pressing the power button on the device 10 times. This should drain the excess power out of the unit and some times alleviates the problem completely.
Can I get a bigger battery in my laptop if it's dying to quick?
Your laptop will take a battery that needs to be replaced by that specific proprietary battery made for your model of laptop. Sometimes you can buy the same form factor battery with larger energy capacity but the model of laptop wont accept the item. We recommend just replacing your old laptop battery with a new healthy battery of the same capacity.

Laptop Screen Repair

Broken laptop screen? Contact us for a quote to fix your broken laptop screen. We'll just need a model number and few other details about the laptop that can usually be found on the back of the laptop with the product serial numbers. After we get the correct details we can contact our supplier to get a 100% accurate quote within a few minutes.

2 - 5 Business Days


Do I need to leave my laptop with you while you wait for the new screen to arrive?
No, we don't need to hold onto your laptop while we wait. We will contact you to organize a drop off and pickup of the repaired laptop when it's ready. Sometimes we require certain models instore to ensure the correct part is ordered.
How long does it take for my new screen to arrive in your shop?
Typically our Melbourne based supplier is able to ship screen replacements for delivery next business day if ordered before 12PM. If our supplier is waiting on shipping or needs to place a special order for those harder to get laptop screens this can take 1-3 weeks depending on stock status.
Is it worth repairing my screen or should I get a new laptop?
We recommend repairing most laptops if the hardware is relevant to todays minimum standards. We always give an honest recommendation when we have the product details so you can make an educated decision based on your personal use case.