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Windows Errors
All Computer Devices
Sounds like you have an issue with Windows. Bring it in to the shop and we'll have it up and running same day.
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Keyboard Replacement
We've replaced drowned keyboards in the past that have fallen victim of whisky, tea, coffee and many more beverages. As soon as you've spilt a liquid on your laptop, ensure you let gravity do its job and flip it upside down to drain the remainder.
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Data Transfers
Did you just buy a new laptop? we can transport your data to your new device from you old one within a few hours! We'll even sit down with you and help install all of your previously installed apps.
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Laptop Chargers
Sometimes power jacks can be damaged but half of the time we see the charging tip is actually the culprit. We can order a new charger specific to your laptop and have it in your hands really fast. We also stock UNIVERSAL CHARGERS so pop in and we'll see how universal they really are.
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Battery Replacement
Some batteries simply tell you that they are unwell when you start your laptop up or some simply die within the hour without notice. If your laptop needs a new battery, call us and we can organize a quick and easy replacement.
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Laptop Screen Repair
You or your child has most likely dropped your laptop or squished a pen in between the keyboard and screen. No need to worry we can source and install a brand new laptop screen having you back to work (Netflix).
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